Close to the Mediterranean Sea and lying in the Hérault department in southern France is the beautiful seaside town of Vias. It is a town like no other and a popular tourist destination in France. Enjoy visiting the sandy beaches, have fun with the many activities available in the town, and participate in endless events and festivals in Vias.

How to Get There

There’s a train station in Vias. The nearest bus station is in Adge, a short distance from the commune.

If you’re flying in, then land at the Toulouse airport. From there, take a train to Narbonne. Narbonne runs trains to the Train Station of Vias.

From Adge, buses run to and from Vias. If you need to take a bus from Adge to Vias, ride any bus on lines 2, 5, 650, and 660.

From Montpellier, five trains run daily to Vias. You can also rent a car or hire a taxi, which will take you to Vias in forty minutes.

If you’re traveling from Béziers, three trains run daily from Béziers to Vias. You can also ride the bus on line 650 to reach Vias. From Béziers, it takes seventeen minutes to get to Vias by car.

There are flights to Béziers airport from Paris.

History & Culture

Vias is a prominent seaside resort town and one of France’s best places to visit. The town is only 3 miles (5 km) away from the Mediterranean and shares borders with the sea for several miles. 

The Canal du Midi also passes by close to the town. At one point, along the River Libron, the Canal du Midi touches the village. The man-made crossing on the bridge by the renowned Libron is a feat of engineering.

The fortress within the village was built in the 15th century. Throughout the town, you’ll find ramparts that take you back to France in the Middle Ages.

Things to Do

Visit the historical sites within the town, or have fun on the beaches of one of the must-visit places of France.

In Vias, you should visit.

  • The Church of Saint-Jean-Baptiste
  • The Castle of Preignes-le-Veux
  • The Church of Vias
  • The 15th-century fortress

Activities to Try

The activities available in the seaside town of Vias are the main attractions. Simply visiting the beaches and taking in the sights of the Mediterranean will feel like one of the best things to do in Vias, France. 

In Vias, you have to

  • Visit Vias Beach.
  • Enjoy yourself at Europark, the largest fairground park in southern France.
  • Look for musical cruises that float on the Canal du Midi.
  • Experience the vineyards and taste the wines grown and produced locally.
  • Cycle through 55 miles (90 km) of just bike lanes.
  • Enjoy activities such as windsurfing, jet skiing, and more.
  • Visit the lagoons and look out for strange animals, like ibises.

Eat and Drink

At Vias, you can have a meal on the beach while taking in the gorgeous views at one of the most beautiful places in France. 

French cuisine is available locally, and some restaurants also serve Catalan-inspired dishes. Seafood is prevalent in this seaside town, and you can enjoy fresh catches of the day. Crepes will make for a satisfying dessert after your meal.


Apartments, gîtes, campsites, cabins, hotels, and private rentals are available in Vias, one of the must-visit places in France you can’t miss out on.

Best Time to Visit

Visit Vias in spring, summer, or autumn to enjoy the warm Mediterranean beauty of the region. In June and July, you can view the Festival of Stella Marie and Saint John and the Festival Vias in Jazz.

Getting Around

Mountain biking and cycling in Vias, France, are popular ways to get around. Walking and hiking are also common. 

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