In the northernmost edges of the Gers department in southern France lies the idyllic town of Fourcès. A bastide town, Fourcès is known for the unusual circular design it is built in. Next to the peaceful river Auzoe and full of Medieval stone and colombage buildings, Fourcès is known as one of the most beautiful places in France.

How to Get There

Fourcès is located on the GR654 road. To reach this picturesque village, you must travel to a nearby town, like Agen. Agen has a train line that can connect you to bigger cities.  From Agen, Fourcès is a short drive away. 

The nearest airport to Fourcès is the Bordeaux airport. The Toulouse airport is slightly further from Fourcès than the Bordeaux airport.

Limited bus routes travel directly to Fourcès. One such route begins at Pau Universitè and takes you to nearby Gondrin in roughly two hours. From Gondrin, drive to Fourcès.

History & Culture

Fourcès is a town that history buffs will love to visit. One of the prettiest places to enjoy your holiday in France, the history of Fourcès will take you back to Medieval France.

An ancient Medieval castle stood where Fourcès stands today. In the 15th century, this castle was destroyed, and a bastide, meaning ‘a new town,’ was built. Certain remnants of Fourcès’s history continue to be a part of the village’s architectural design. One of the most prominent is the Clock Tower, built in the 13th century. 

The Place de Cornières, or the City Center, also holds unusual features. London Plane trees have been planted in the village’s square, an odd choice for a quaint French hamlet in the heart of the historical Gascony province. Enjoy the stone houses, some with wooden accents (called colombages), as you walk along one of France’s best places to enjoy history and scenic beauty.

Things to Do

Fourcès is a beautiful town, undoubtedly one of the best places to vacation South of France. When you visit this little drop of heaven,  drop by:

  • Place de Cornières
  • Château de Fourcès
  • Church of Saint Laurent
  • Church of Saint Quitterie
  • Clock Tower

Activities to Try

The historical buildings and sites in Fourcès make it perfect for a heritage tour. You can also enjoy the natural scenery, cycle along the local routes, or participate in local events and festivals.

  • Experience a guided tour of the city.
  • Visit a local winery.
  • Enjoy the Marciae Jazz Festival, held from the end of July to August.
  • Shop at the flea festival that opens every second Sunday between May and November.
  • Have fun at the Marchè aux Fleurs, or Flower Festival, held on the last weekend of April.

Eat and Drink

Local produce and French cuisine go hand in hand to deliver some of the freshest and most delicious food you’ll ever come across. Don’t forget to enjoy the locally sourced wines, cheeses, Foie gras, and Armagnac liqueur in Fourcès.


Fourcès gives you one of the best places to stay in France. You can rent accommodation at the historical Château de Fourcès itself. A guest house is also available for you to rest at.

Best Time to Visit

Visit Fourcès in the summer months to make the most of your visit to one of the best places in France. The flower festival held in late April is when Fourcès truly blooms in beauty.

Getting Around

Walking and cycling will be your two main modes of transportation in Fourcès. You can use a car or a taxi to drive to nearby destinations.

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