La Roselière


S: m2

Beds: 1

Adults: 1

Children: 1


La Roselière and Alice & Eugène is a private house, hotel house, guest house, boutique hotel.

In Montpellier, in the Boutonnet district, La Roselière is a contemporary suite, with a breathtaking view of the swimming pool and the park, reserved for passing guests. This urban oasis, hidden and peaceful, tastefully decorated, will be a pleasant break away from the urban bustle.

Alice & Eugène is a contemporary suite, hidden in lush greenery. Completely independent from the main house, refined and comfortable, Alice & Eungène will be a pleasant break away from urban bustle.

COVID19 measures
Our 2 guest houses are totally independent of each other and from the main house
You will be our only guests in a hidden and peaceful place
24h without traveler between 2 stays. This time allows us to apply an anti-virus bomb and air it out, then a complete cleaning of the guest house will be carried out.
Bed linen and towels are washed at more than 60 degrees with a disinfectant. Carpets, mattress cushions are disinfected with a steam cleaner.
We have set up a breakfast and dinner formula delivered to La Roselière by our chefs Sandrine Bertrand and Benoit Reguès (Côté cuisine and L’endroit d’Agde)


  • Ping pong table
  • Pool

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