The blush-stained bricks of the classic European-style architecture give the entire city a rosy look that changes in hue with the sunlight throughout the day. The bricks of the aged buildings of Toulouse turn the city from red to orange to pink, giving it its nickname, the “Pink City".

Once belonging to the Visigoths—a division of German Goth descendants—Toulouse, France served as their capital. It was later taken by the French in 508 CE. These days, Toulouse serves as Europe’s capital of the air and space industry and a major tourist hub. The city’s architecture has stood well to the trials of time and the pink-hued bricks have stayed in almost-immaculate conditions.


Some of the best B&Bs in Toulouse can be found around the plaza, perfect for getting in some sight-seeing and exploring the culture of this part of France.

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Things to do in Toulouse

Walk down the expansive and impeccable streets that seem to effortlessly mix the old with the new. Pass by any of the dispensers on the streets of the older part of town and test the iconic street food native to Southwest France. Dating back to ancient times, this city has plenty of history and culture to explore just strolling its avenues.

Watch a rugby game at Stade Toulousain. Perhaps surprisingly for the country, this part of France prefers its rugby over its football. Sports events are a spectacle of their own, with unmatched energy giving way for an exciting experience built for any good sports fan.

Places to Visit

Starting at the plaza in front of Toulouse's City Hall, sight-seeing ranks high on the list of things to do in this so-called "Pink City". A few of the top places to visit in Toulouse include the Church of the Jacobins, presenting gothic-European architecture rivaling some of the best in all of Europe.

Another highlight to visit is the Basilique Saint-Sernin. Built over hundreds of years, this impressive structure reflects stark differences in culture over that span of time.

The Canal du Midi is another must-see in Toulouse. The canal links the Mediterranean Sea with the Atlantic and poses an impressive amount of history all on its own, so much so that it was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. After taking 15 years to complete, it is a spectacle worth exploring, either by foot along the towpath or by boat.


Another attraction worth exploring is a wine tour and tasting, set just on the outskirts of the area. Get to know a bit of France’s wine culture, taking in the impressive scenery, and taste what some consider some of the best wine in the world.

Another option is exploring Toulouse either by boat or bus. Boat services can be arranged to take you down the Canal du Midi, providing a view of the city from a different angle while exploring its labyrinth. Or if you prefer, navigate the streets by bus and learn about the history and culture of this part of France from your tour guide.

Rich in history dating back both to ancient times and extending into the present day, Toulouse offers valuable snippets of culture worth discovering. With three landmarks named UNESCO World Heritage sites, Toulouse is a unique piece of France that attracts tourists from all over the world. The city mixes the best of modern times with historical gems, best known by experiencing its architecture and people in real-time.