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Boasting a plethora of charming villages, sceneries, activities, and outstanding architectural heritage, the Occitanie region in southwestern France is loaded with numerous natural, cultural, architectural, and gastronomical wonders. Whether you’re seeking to ski the thrilling stretches of the Pyrenees, entertain in the best French cuisine and wines, uncover the old culture of traditional fishing towns, Occitanie has it all. Below is the list of top-05 best winter getaways in Occitanie to get a gaze at its tradition, history, and natural marvels.
Located over the boundary with Spain, the Pyrenees National Park comprises 6 valleys, from the Pyrenees-Atlantiques to the Hautes-Pyrenees. This tremendous and wild area houses countless Mountain lakes that seek a visit and the most elevated peaks in the French Pyrenees. Lush forests, rhododendrons, and purple Pyrenean irises advance up the snow-tipped slopes with picturesque hiking tracks. Tourists can engage in various water sports such as kayaking, canoeing, canyoning, hydrospeed, and river-rafting. The park is home to more than 2,000 plant species and captivating wildlife, such as bears, Pyrenean chamois, Griffon vultures, Golden eagles, and many more.
Carcassonne is one of Occitanie’s best winter getaways, attracting around three million tourists every year. Aging back to the Gallo-Roman period, Carcassonne is set with medieval fortresses, religious sites, mysteries, museums, and tales. The town is just jaw-dropping with its beautiful stone structures, stunning walls on the Canal du Midi, and frequently-deserted passages. Cherish the Romanesque-Gothic Basilica, the Jacobin gate, Chateau Comtal, and Cité de Carcassonne. Don’t forget to visit the attractive food market!
At Cauterets, quality gets priority over quantity. It is famous for its best snow cover, and this cheerful family resort serves all levels of skiers in a non-competitive setting, perfect for beginners. Split into 2 zones, each with its essence, the site is classic heaven for skiers who enjoy captivating landscapes. This little resort provides 29 slopes over 36 kilometers and offers an extensive range of adventures across that region. Downhill and cross-country skiing, tobogganing, and snowshoeing are all open in your winter thrill program. It also houses a famed spa resort.
Known as the Pink City, Toulouse, with its adobe structures, is the capital of the southern Occitanie territory. Situated on the banks of the Garonne River, the town’s various churches, gardens, and museums appeal to be traveled by car, by bike, or on foot. Popularly the Toulouse’s science center of Cité de l’Espace offers a captivating visit. Notable attractions include the Augustins Art Museum, the Pont Neuf – the town’s ancient bridge, the Basilica of Saint Sernin, and the Natural History Museum. You can also explore the Capitole de Toulouse, get a show at the Theatre du Capitole, and marvel at the unique palm-figured vault at Jacobins Convent.
Beziers one of the most visited place in Occitanie. It is a picturesque hilly village situated in the Southern parts of France. Dating back to 575 BC, the town is among the least-known sites in Occitanie for travel. Further, you could feel the blend of heritage and tradition throughout the village. There are plenty of things to indulge in Beziers; you’ll even wonder why this has not become the leading site yet! This region is the wine capital of Languedoc-Roussillon, so make sure you don’t leave this site without engaging yourself in the delightful wines! It’s famous for its Vin de Pays d’Oc, and red wine. Visit the beautiful rust-free ancient town, the Museum of Fine Arts with its captivating art gallery, and the 13th-century Romanesque Cathedral Saint-Nazaire.