Discover the exceptional history of the site of Lastours during a commented visit of the 4 castles: Cabaret, Tour Régine, Surdespine and Querthineux

The 4 castles are spread over a rocky spur and looking out over the village isolated by the deep valleys of the Orbeil and Grésilhou rivers. It is a very exceptional place, not to be missed.

You will jump again in the time of the Middle-Ages with the history of the Lords of Cabararet during the Albigensian Crusade.

Montségur: it is famous for its fortification, the Château de Montségur , that was built in 1206 on the pog on the ruins of one of the last Cathar strongholds. It was a unique hiding place for the Cathars who have been persecuted for many years by the army of the Pope in the Midi region. The present fortress on the site, though described as one of the "Cathar Castles" is from a later period. It has been listed as a historic site by the French Ministry of Culture since 1862.

1 Day Available on request