A full guided tour in Narbonne. Once a prosperous port and a major city in Roman times.

Narbonne is linked to the nearby Canal du Midi and the Aude River by the Canal de la Robine, which runs through the center of town.

Narbonne was established by the Romans in 118 BC, as Colonia Narbo Martius, colloquially Narbo. It was located on the Via Domotia, the first Roman road, connecting Italy to Spain.

Visit of La place de l’Hôtel-de-Ville. This is the busy Centre of the town, dominated by the Archbishop’s Palace. On the square note the section of the Via Domitia.

Visit of the Museum of Art and History: collections of pharmacy pots, ceramics and Flemish, Italian, French and Orientalist paintings...

Visit of Les Halles of Narbonne. They are famous across all the south and count more than 70 stalls: bakers, pastries, butchers, caterers, bars and wine merchants…

Visit of the Cathedral St Just and St Pasteur, the most prestigious building of the city. The construction is of gothic architecture. You will be overwhelmed by its beauty.

1 Day Available on request