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Located east of the Pyrenees, Andorra’s reliefs offer a splendid setting for snowshoeing. They speak French as well as Spanish, despite an omnipresent Catalan tradition.
Wild nature and centuries-old traditions coexist in the high mountains of this beautiful little country. At the end of the afternoon, those who wish can relax in one of the largest thermo-fun centers in Europe. This is a stay that combines the pleasures of snowshoeing and spa.
Comfortably installed in our base camp located in the heart of a beautiful valley, we can discover many other camps, with the backpack always light from there.
A discovery of this Pyrenean jewel, the many Andorran reserves with beautiful pristine wild valleys of fresh snow
A progressive route through the discovery of this magnificent mountain area
Accommodation in a very comfortable and superb four-star hotel with good catering and services.

2 Shoes





04/12 to 09/12/2022 


11/12 to 16/12/2022

08/01 to 13/01/2023


15/01 to 20/01/2023


22/01 to 27/01/2023 


29/01 to 03/02/2023

05/02 to 10/02/2023


12/02 to 17/02/2023


19/02 to 24/02/2023


26/02 to 03/03/2023

26/02 to 03/03/2023


05/03 to 10/03/2023


12/03 to 17/03/2023 


19/03 to 24/03/2023

Today, tipping is usually optional and is left to your discretion, depending on your satisfaction at the end of your trip.
It is customary to tip your guide and the local team. It must be adapted according to the country's standard of living and the duration of your trip. It is a symbolic gesture that rewards a quality service concerning the service received.
TO REGISTER: Deposit of 30% of the price of the stay
A MONTH BEFORE DEPARTURE: The outstanding balance of our part Holiday checks accepted and payment by credit card possible
We offer you 3 insurance packages:
Insurance for Search and Rescue Costs, Repatriation Assistance, Interruption of Stay (2% of the amount of the stay).
Cancellation Insurance + COVID extension (3.4% of the amount of the holiday).
Multi-risk Cancellation Insurance, Search and Rescue Costs, Repatriation Assistance, Interruption of Stay + COVID extension: (4.30% of the amount of the stay).
If you have your insurance, we will need a photocopy of your attestation.


Regardless of his will, your guide may have to modify the routes indicated somewhat according to the snow conditions, the weather, the level and the fitness of the participants.

Reception at Ax-les-Thermes station by 10am. Transfer to Andorra. Be dressed for this first day—a beautiful snowshoeing route in the granite Circ de Pessons with its countless frozen lakes.

We will walk in this white landscape with scattered pine forests.


The positive altitude difference of about 450 m for 4 hours of hiking.

Fitness option at the hotel from 5pm to 7pm.

Today, still a superb hike on another magnificent massif, the Sorteny Natural Park. 

Come and explore these wild and snowy valleys, cross frozen torrents, and discover the thousand and one secrets of nature under the watchful eye of your companion.


The positive altitude difference of about 480 m for 5 hours of hiking.

Today, still a superb hike on another magnificent massif, the Sorteny Natural Park. 

Come and explore these wild and snowy valleys, cross frozen torrents, and discover the thousand and one secrets of nature under the watchful eye of your companion.


The positive altitude difference of about 480 m for 5 hours of hiking.

Discover the pretty valley of Rialb, with its immense forest of pines, firs, and many streams.

We will walk in these wild landscapes towards the cabin of Rialb along its sometimes-frozen torrent.


Positive altitude difference of about 480 m for 5 hours of hiking.

Beautiful hike from the small pass of Ordino to make this last day towards the rounded summit of Bony de les Neres. We will make a nice loop passing perhaps by the ridge in order to have a superb view of the whole valley.


Positive altitude difference of about 350 m for 4h30 of hiking.

Fitness option at the hotel from 5pm to 7pm

Transfer to the SNCF station of Ax-les Thermes after breakfast, around 11am.


For average walkers already practicing snowshoeing with positive drops of 450 to 520 meters. Stages of 5 hours on average on easy terrain in the mountains, without any technique or particular difficulty on the circuit.

Snow conditions are constantly changing: hard or soft, deep or stable, it makes the progression different from week to week. This unpredictable setting is part of your stay and can change your comfort.

LEVEL 14 to 5h walking time
Read More
Drop: Up to 400 m
LEVEL 23 to 5h walking time
Read More
Drop: 700 to 1200 m
LEVEL 35 to 6h walking time
Read More
Drop: 600 to 800 m
LEVEL 45 to 7h walking time
Read More
Drop: 700 to 1200 m
LEVEL 57h and + walking time
Read More
Drop: 1000 m and +

Carry your personal belongings of the day.

In the morning, we will have a cold lunch before leaving the hotel.

Group consisting of 4 people minimum to 8 people maximum.

By a qualified mountain guide familiar with the country, the massif and the routes.

An enthusiastic professional, he will be able to share his knowledge and passion for the natural environment with you safely. His passion for the profession commits him to adapt to the weather, the constraints of the terrain and other hazards, to manage the pace and the physical condition of each, while remaining available.

By minibus for France – Andorra transfer.

Short transfer every day to get to the hiking sites ….

Sunday at the Ax-les-Thermes station at 10am

the next Friday at Ax-les-Thermes station around 11am

By train: inquire with the schedules with the SNCF by calling 3635

By car:  from Toulouse: follow the route to Foix, by the RN 20 then Tarascon and Ax-les Thermes

If you wish to arrive the day before your stay to simply extend your holiday by a few days, you have the possibility to be accommodated:

At Ax-les-Thermes: Hotel **« Le P’tit Montagnard » 6 place Roussel    🕿:

                                    Hotel **« L’Auzeraie » 1 av Théodore Delcassé        🕿:

In a very comfortable 4-star hotel, in double or twin formula with bathroom, toilet, TV and air conditioning in the room.

This hotel offers a spa area (hot water pool, hammam, sauna, etc…) and massages to book and pay for directly on site. (spa rate: €21 per person for 90 minutes)

Full board for the duration of the stay, breakfast and dinner at the hotel restaurant.

– Breakfast is offered in the form of a continental buffet (hot and cold drinks, breads, pastries, cereals, yogurt, cold cuts, cheese and fruit, etc.)

– Picnics are prepared by your guide in the form of salads made from local products. Balanced and varied, they are complemented by cheese, fruit and a chocolate treat.

(The picnic is not included for people who do not want to participate in a day of hiking)

– The evening meal consists of a selection of first courses, dishes and desserts.

For this package, drinks remain at your expense.

This option includes 2 entries of 1 and a half hour (Day 1 and Day 5) to the hotel’s spa.


The spa of our hotel consists of a pool with water seats, gooseneck and bubble beds that allow massages on different parts of the body, ideal for relaxing.

You will also find:
• A Turkish bath (hammam) that purifies skin pores and improves respiratory capacity
• Sensation showers, at different pressures and temperatures
• a Finnish sauna
• The wall cabin in which an atmosphere of salt of mineral origin is used and which contributes to improve respiratory health, promotes the skin texture and stimulates the mind
• A cold water tank to submerge waist-deep and cause a thermal contrast stimulating the whole circulatory system.

with 2 individual massages of 20 minutes (back and legs).

This option includes 1 2-hour (on Day 3) entry to the Caldea Thermo Centre.

This centre consists of:

– a fitness area with saunas, hammams, misting, aqua massage area, a Sirocco passageway (relaxing hot air) 

– a “Baths” space: with large outdoor lagoons with jacuzzi, bubble beds, a current river, a large indoor lagoon, with thermal water at 32°C, always jacuzzis, sites for facial misting, hydro massage basins and Indo-Roman baths (basins with 36°C hot water and 14°C cold water).

No vaccination certificate is required for travellers. 

Remember to bring your European Health Insurance Card, which is valid for 1 year and must be requested from your Health Insurance Fund 15 days before your departure.

Be up to date on vaccinations.

However, tetanus recalls are recommended.

Some rules of good conduct to know:

  • Do not leave any waste in the mountains, always take your garbage to the hotel.


The weather can change quickly in the mountains. Adequate equipment will allow you to spend this stay in the best conditions. 

For the hotel

  • A bag or suitcase for your belongings for 6 days
  • Your change of clothes
  • A toiletry kit
  • A pair of light shoes, slipper-types for the evening
  • A swimsuit for the spa
  • For eyeglasses, consider taking a spare pair.


Clothing equipment for hiking

The 3-layer technique keeps you warm and dry. 

  1. Breathable layer
  2. Insulating layer
  3. Protective layer

To apply this method, you need

  • Thermal and breathable long-sleeve T-shirts (no cotton)
  • Polartec-type fleece jacket or sweatshirt
  • Waterproof, breathable and windproof jacket with hood. (Gore-Tex remains the reference material)
  • Softshell-type hiking trousers, warm, breathable and water repellent with, if possible, integrated snow cover gaiters
  • Waterproof, lightweight and compressible over-pants (Gore-Tex type)
  • Pairs of Warm Up Socks (Merinos)
  • Beanie
  • Warm and waterproof gloves, silk undergloves (2 pairs if possible)

For hiking

  • A 30/40 litre backpack with a lap belt
  • A protective cover for your backpack (often built-in)
  • A pair of waterproof shoes with good ankle support (No boots or après ski)
  • A pair of gaiters (if not in the pants)
  • A waterproof pouch for your papers, phone etc…
  • A laminated pocket to protect your belongings inside the backpack
  • Sun protection (sunscreen and lip balm)
  • Category 3 or 4 sunglasses
  • A lunchbox with an airtight lid (Tupperware style) for the picnic
  • Cutlery, knife and cup
  • A canteen
  • Small floor mat (to sit during lunch break)
  • Toilet paper
  • Lighter
  • Survival blanket
  • A pair of spare laces.

A small personal medicine cabinet (your guide has a medicine cabinet for the group)

  • Your medication if you are under treatment
  • Analgesic medicine (pain and fever), anti-diarrheal, anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic medicine
  • Cough drops 
  • Compeed-style dressings and hydrocolloid blisters

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Andorra la Vella




76 500 inhab.


Parliamentary co-monarchy / Parliamentary system

Episcopal co-prince:

Bishop of La Seu d'Urgell (Spain)

French co-prince:

The President of the French Republic

First Paréage:

8 September 1278


14 March 1993

Nestled between France and Spain, the small principality of Andorra offers a landscape of narrow valleys and high mountains with a harsh climate. Its location east of the Pyrenees makes it one of the highest countries in Europe with an average height of 1800m. 

A road crosses the country roughly diagonally, from the northeast to the southwest and it is as close to this main axis that most of the population chose to settle. Many of the houses along this axis form hamlets or villages, the churches are pure Roman style and the houses are built in the local architectural style; others, located further from the main road are even more authentic and gives a unique landscape.

Andorra is one of the oldest countries in Europe, it owes its creation to Charlemagne who originally wanted to use it as a buffer state to block the Muslims of the Iberian Peninsula. Because of the Paréages of 1278 and 1288, control of the country was shared between the Spanish archbishop of Urgell and a senior official appointed by the king of France (originally the Count of Foix).

As a result, the country was a co-principality run by a state representative and a church representative sharing power at the same time. The ability of both sides to make concessions has allowed this unique concept to remain unchanged until the end of the 20th century. Although the people were not consulted, they were prepared to accept an agreement that guaranteed them national security and integrity. Since then, Andorra has maintained its independence. The present Constitution, which was created in 1993, confers on it the status of principality.

Today, tourism is the backbone of the economy, well ahead of livestock and tobacco farming, accounting for 80% of the Principality’s GNP. 

Tourists visiting Andorra every year are estimated at 10 million, they are attracted by winter sports, the pleasant summer climate and its duty-free products. The banking sector also benefits from tax haven status.




Andorra benefits from a Mediterranean climate influenced by the high mountains; from winters to dry and very snowy cold, as well as temperate summers with few days of rain, if not precipitation associated with violent thunderstorms.