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Ideally located between Carcassonne (35 km) and Narbonne (25 km), the Lézignan-Corbières aerodrome skydiving center invites budding skydivers to make their first jump in the Aude in the Languedoc-Roussillon region (which today is now part of the Occitanie region). Thanks to a professional team, your first parachute jump will remain an unforgettable experience during which your adrenaline level will soar.
Your parachute jump in Lézignan Securely harnessed to an instructor, you will perform a perfect tandem jump for beginners. Weather conditions, aircraft take-off, free fall, opening the parachute, landing: everything will be managed by your instructor while you only take care of staying focused on your objective. The goal ? Have a great time with maximum sensations!
In order to jump in the best conditions, a briefing of about 15 minutes first takes place at the skydiving school. Your instructor then equips you with a combination, goggles and a tandem harness specially dedicated to tandem.
When the weather is favourable, you board the plane for a flight of about twenty minutes. It is a question of rising to 4000 m of altitude to be at the right height. Then, the doors of the aircraft slide to make room for the sky. Let's take the big leap! Three, two, one… Go!
The free fall For about 50 seconds, you fall at a speed of 200 km/h! Something to give you some chills!
Thanks to his altimeter, the instructor opens the parachute at exactly 1500 m altitude. The descent is then more calm (about 14 km/h) when flying under canopy. This is the perfect time to admire the superb landscapes of the Aude around Lézignan. For a few minutes, you will feel like you are flying like a bird.
If conditions allow, the instructor will even invite you to guide the parachute to its final destination: the drop zone from where you took off. The landing is carried out with dexterity by your instructor who will then fold and store his canopy.
Keep an unforgettable memory of your tandem jump For security reasons, you cannot film your jump yourself, but someone close to you on the ground can do it for you. He will be able to immortalize your exploit on video or with a few photos. A nice way to remember this magical moment and show your friends that you have courage.
Often, new skydivers have only one desire: to start over. Dare the second jump! As a gift voucher or in a box, it is also possible to offer a parachute jump to a person you love. For a bachelor party or for the success of a diploma, it is an original and surprising gift!

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