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Snowmobiling in La Mongie

Grand Tourmalet

No, the mountain in winter is not just about skiing. In Tourmalet-Pic du Midi, treat yourself by trying a new leisure activity: snowmobiling. If you’re a fan of motorized sports or a bit of a thrill-seeker, you’re going to love it!

As soon as the ski lifts have stopped and the resort has closed, climb aboard a snowmobile! Set off to have a look around the lower part of the resort or Col duembark on an ascent of the legendary Col Tourmalet on one of these engines. Snowmobiles are very stable and easy to drive: you only need a category B license to drive one. But you can also sit on the back and enjoy the thrills in a different way! Whether you’re a passenger or driving, you glide safely with experienced instructors and top-of-the-range equipment. Surrounded by snow-capped peaks, watch the resort’s lights turn on right in front of you…

Kids can also try this fun activity. Children aged 6 and over will be able to try out the thrills of snowmobiling on a circuit. Older children will be able to ride adapted vehicles to get up a bit of speed across the snow. The snowmobiles offered have two seats, so it is easy to enjoy trips as a family or group. Outings vary from 10 minutes to 1 hour… Pure happiness, no matter how old you are!

And if you want to head up to dine at the Etape du Berger, a snowmobile will be the ideal means of transport! Be amazed during an unreal ascent during sunset in the high mountains. Enjoy a dinner with your friends based on typical Pyrenees flavors in this high-altitude inn famed throughout the region. And head back down in the dark of night, gliding over the snow-capped mountains. All set for an unusual and unforgettable night-time excursion to the Col du Tourmalet? Then off you go!

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Take the driver’s seat on a snowmobile for a thrilling ride in the most beautiful snowy landscapes of the Hautes-Pyrénées. You will evolve in the heart of the Grand Tourmalet ski area, one hour from Tarbes.

Your snowmobile ride near Tarbes in Barèges at the Grand Tourmalet

You are expected at 4:30 p.m. shortly before the ski slopes close to start your activity. You benefit from a theoretical briefing with an experienced guide.


We inform you about:

Snowmobile driving techniques

Security instructions

The course of your activity.


You are then equipped with a cap and a helmet, and you are given a Yamaha 500 cc. You then begin the “discovery and initiation” part as a group. For 30 minutes, you evolve on an adapted course to familiarize yourself with your snowmobile. On the program of this training: accelerations, braking, turns, climbs, descents, passages of slopes and safety distances between the machines.


At the end of this exercise, you are ready to slide on the slopes on the handlebars of your vehicle, accompanied by your guide. It is possible to ride two on the snowmobiles. You can then alternate in the pilot/passenger position at any time.


When your ride comes to an end, you return to the starting point. You can then share your feelings about this wonderful experience with the group and your guide.


The different formulas offered


1 hour snowmobile ride


You cross magnificent paths in the snowy forests of the Grand Tourmalet area. The route continues towards Les Laquettes, a series of small mountain lakes in the Hautes-Pyrénées. You then have a breathtaking view of the Ardiden massif, the majestic Pic du Midi de Bigorre and its observatory, as well as the famous Col du Tourmalet. 


1h30 snowmobile ride


You drive your snowmobile over the superb Grand Tourmalet area among forests and snowy plains. The circuit offers you a unique view of the Néouvielle massif and the Pic du Midi de Bigorre. Your guide also makes you discover the slopes of the area in a different light. Night begins to fall and a peaceful atmosphere sets in during your journey. Your hike evolves and reveals a whole new landscape. 


2-hour snowmobile ride


The 2-hour hike offers you a whole new experience as night falls. This is the ideal formula for learning to perfectly control the vehicle during the course. Your guide guides the group through the white decor of the Hautes-Pyrénées. When it snows, the forests look beautiful in the light of the headlights.


Gift box and photo / video


Do not forget your camera if you want to keep a souvenir of this snowmobile ride. However, remember to protect it well during the course.


Snowmobile hiking near Tarbes offers you the most beautiful landscapes of the Hautes-Pyrénées during a night ride. Would you like to offer this experience to someone for a special occasion? Nothing’s easier ! Simply click on “offer” next to the formula of your choice to send a gift box containing this activity to the person in question. She will receive a box containing a superb color catalogue. All the information concerning your snowmobile trip is provided there.


Practical information


The price includes


Equipment rental

The loan of helmets (with disposable hygiene hoods)

Special conditions

Hold license A or license B

Minors must be accompanied by an adult

Minimum age 16 years old with parental consent

Passenger authorized from 4 years old if he is able to stand alone in the back on the passenger seat


Practical information

Activity subject to weather conditions

Deposit requested on site on the day of the course


Supervision by state-certified instructors


Available from December to April, weekdays and weekends by reservation