Lauthentic France

The Amazing Luxurious Escapes Visiting France

Ever since the bright morning of March 2020, we have been swamped with work-from-home work, and needless to say, everyone seems exhausted and rightly so. However, now that the COVID-19 has been contained and you’ve got the jabs (yes, we are talking about the vaccine), don’t you think you should head out to have a breath of fresh air? Having said that, France is the ultimate country you should plan on visiting because this I’Hexagone has the unique experiences to offer. Ranging from slow-paced and sunny Provence to rugged French Alps and stunning coastline to rolling hills covered with vines, France has everything exceptional to offer (it will be enough to make you forget about your work laptop!). So, let’s see how you can enjoy the real essence of France to enjoy the glamor and luxuriousness it has to offer!

Are You Craving Slow-Paced Life In The Countryside?

Provence is a stunning part of France and is known for the bright sunshine that reminisces Mediterranean regions. This is a rural area that seems to be intact and untouched by the hustle and bustle of the modern world. Known for its earthy and rugged aesthetics, Provence is loaded with small farms, lavender and sunflower fields, and olive groves. Proven has rolling hills that grow thyme, rosemary, and sage in absolute abundance (now we know why French food is so delicious!). In addition, you can visit the Gordes and Saint-Paul-de-Vence, which are picturesque walled towns. There are outdoor yet tree-shaded cafes that you can visit to enjoy the real cuisines. Also, you must check out the beach resort at Saint-Tropez to have a real vacation experience.