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Our professional team of editors, writers, and contributors travel the world experiencing all that is luxurious, auspicious, and indulgent to provide our readers with independent unbiased reviews of the best high-end products and services that money can buy. Our international staff is industry insiders who can procure up-to-the-minute news for our discerning readers, consistently providing information on forthcoming luxury market activities and opportunities, new products and services, industry insights, and exciting global events.


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Lauthentic France offers vacation options to suit a wide range of lifestyle choices of gîtes, chambres d’hotes, hotels, private villa rentals, chateaux, guided and private tours, private transportation, premier wedding destinations, and superior river cruises.




We are devoted to providing sought-after destinations, exquisite accommodations, and distinctive tours to our discerning lifestyle guests.

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Experiences some of the most beautiful and historic parts of France. From wine-tasting to exploring the medieval cities, visitors will get a taste of the real France.

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A wide range of car transfer services to help you get around the country with ease. If you're looking for a luxurious experience, we have you covered.

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Our destination management specializes in creating unique, customized itineraries for travelers to France. With a team of experts, discover the hidden gems of France and experience the country like a local.

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We are affiliated with travel destination points, which puts us in reach of over 450-million monthly travel prospects.


Interviews, travel experiences and the latest news on the tourism industry.

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100% digital magazine for worldwide distribution. Highly curated content to inspire and to share the culture and beautiful places France has to offer.

We conduct interviews with local village mayors, and notaries to accurately inform travelers of pertinent information, and conduct exposés with property owners. Showcase vineyards, chateaus, hotels, tours, places to visit, things to do. Delight and encourage river barge cruises. We are the source for what it means to enjoy a luxurious travel experience on their visit to France.

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