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Stellar offer of various airlines, ready to be booked. With Lauthentic France you are always in the top 1%. Our prestigious and luxurious travel arrangements are always custom tailored for your needs.

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Lauthentic France offers finest things in the world of travel and hospitality. Whether it is high-end travel, private jets, yachts, real estate, watches, jewelry, and a variety of other luxury goods and lifestyle services.

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Lauthentic France luxury transfers and transportation service. From the heart of Occitanie to the French Riviera and Monaco to Paris and Normandy, our premium services agency specializes in transferring you from the region’s airports to hotels and beyond. We specialize in all sorts of transportation solutions for your travel and deliveries throughout France, Spain, Monaco, and Belgium. Registered in Paris and Saint Laurent de la Cabrerisse, our company offers private chauffeur services in the strictest respect of the regulation in force for this field. Our entire fleet of high-end vehicles has French license plates. Moreover, our private driver service is covered by professional liability insurance.

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Why Lauthentic France Is The Perfect Choice?


Tailor made travel solutions

We can provide almost every travel arrangement You could possibly fathom. From flying in in a private jet, to private chauffers picking You up on the airports,


Quality Travel

Lauthentic France provides you the highest quality of travel and luxurious properties accross France.


Experience And Trust

We have over 3 years of intense experience in Luxury Travel. We nurture prestigious relationships with our partners who provide luxury travel services for our clients.

Stunning Destinations. Amazing Tours. Beautiful France.

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Méribel Ski Resort

Méribel Ski Resort Méribel is a ski resort situated in the Tarentaise Valley of the French Alps. Comprising three villages within the Les Aulles Commune

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