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Minerve is an idyllic mineral town located at the entrance to the Regional National Park in the Haut-Languedoc region. Built at the confluence of the Brian and Cesse rivers, Minerve is a naturally breathtaking region. Cliffs, rivers, arches, and other wondrous sites wait for anyone visiting one of the most beautiful towns in France.

Minerve is around 24 miles (40km) away from Bèziers. If you want to take a bus to Minerve from Bèziers, you must first stop at St. Chinian. The bus lines 654 and 753 run weekly to St. Chinian Promenade. From St. Chinian, take a taxi or a rented car to reach Minerve. The nearest train station to Minerve is Narbonne. You can take a train from Bèziers to Narbonne. From Narbonne, Minerve is half an hour away by car.

Minerve has essential links to the country's past. The Viscounts of Minerve initially built it. The Cathars chose to stay true to their religious beliefs; today, a Dove stele exists in the town. Minerve is a rich historical center. Full of cobbled streets and houses that look like they popped out of a history book, Minerve is beautiful. This blend of natural and man-made beauty is a popular thing to see in France that you can't miss out on.

There are many historical and cultural places for you to visit in Minerve. These include:

Walking around the city to enjoy the local sights and learn about the village's history are good ways to enjoy one of the best places in France. Another popular tourist activity in Minerve is visiting the local wineries and taking wine tours.

Eat and Drink

Don't leave Minerve without trying out some of the locally produced wines. As a part of the Languedoc region, Minerve's wines are exceptional.


To enjoy your France sightseeing vacation even more, you need an excellent place to stay. If you're looking for gites and house rentals in France, then Minerve is ideal for you.

Best Time to Visit

Try to visit Minerve in the summer. That's when the rivers Brian and Cesse stop flowing. This allows you access to the naturally carved bridge and arches that are typically inaccessible because of the water flow.

Getting Around

Minerve is a geographically rich area. But to enjoy the region's natural landscape, walking and hiking are the best ways to get around. You can use your cycle or drive around in a rental car where there are roads.