Southern Corsica

Birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte and home to some awe-inspiring natural landscapes, Southern Corsica (or Corse-du-Sud) entices with outdoor pursuits, remnants of prehistoric settlements, and a stunningly diverse scenery. From the dramatic white cliffs of Bonifacio, to whimsical rock formations of Piana, to the uninhabited Lavezzi Islands and white-sand beaches, Southern Corsica has plenty to capture imaginations with.


Although business hours may vary, there is often a lunch break at most shops and small businesses, making the customary working hours from 8.30 or 9am to 1 or 1.30pm & 2 or 2.30 to 6 or 7pm. Most businesses close on Sundays.

The Region

Southern Corsica's visitor hot spots are Propriano and Porto-Vecchio (known for its animated nightlife), along with the capital of Ajaccio, the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte (the Bonaparte family home – Maison Bonaparte – has now been converted into a public museum). There are plenty of sandy beaches along the western coast of Corsica, all the way down to its southern tip. Key highlights of the south, apart from beaches, are the stunning Citadel of Bonifacio perched atop steep white cliffs, and the pristine, uninhabited Lavezzi Islands just off the coast. Sartène, although removed from the visitor-frequented coast, is a quintessential Corsican town with a rather grim past (it had notoriously struggled with gang crime) that has preserved a good amount of its medieval charm. It is primarily known for its annual Good Friday procession, an event that aims to recreate Jesus' journey to the Calvary. The 35-kilo cross and 17-kilo chain used in the procession are on display year-round at the Sartène church of St.Mary.

Do & See

From steep cliffs of Bonifacio, to the majestic landscapes of the island's interior, to white-sand beaches and uninhabited islands just off the coast, to yellow and orange tones of Ajaccio (the capital), Southern Corsica is a region of spectacular natural beauty and a great many outdoor pursuits.

Cafe tables spill out onto palm-lined boulevards and squares of the capital, Ajaccio, and aren't tough to locate in most of the island's settlements either. Cafe culture is very much alive in Corsica, whose residents eagerly fill up bars and cafes.

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Southern Corsica