Reims is one of France's most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities. It offers visitors a great choice of fine restaurants, brasseries, shops, lively nightlife, concerts, festivals, and cultural events, and of course, world-famous Champagne houses to visit and sample the local nectar. With tree-lined avenues, elegant squares, and a magnificent Gothic-style cathedral that played host to the coronation of several kings of France.


Shop opening hours are generally from 9am-7pm. Small shops might stay closed for an hour over lunch. Shops are closed Sundays or open at their own discretion.

The City

Reims is the metropolis of the Champagne-Ardenne area, and a city that celebrates art, history and the enjoyment of fine food and wine. Along with its restaurants serving the finest food and wine, it has countless art galleries and buildings of varied architectural styles. Some of them date back as early as the 3rd century, such as at the Gate of Mars, the Gallo-Roman cryptoporticus. Contemporary architecture can be seen at the Conservatoire National de Région, the Reims Champagne Congress Centre. Reims also has many rare trees, including a specimen of the Faux de Verzy at the Pierre Schneiter horticultural garden.

Do & See

Reims has no less than four monuments listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites. The city is also known for its famous Champagne houses that are open to the public; many of them provide tours of their cellars, wine tastings and gala dinners. Reims is also a city of plants and flowers – it has been awarded four flowers as part of the prestigious Villes et Villages Fleuris flower competition, the highest of any French city. This city will truly leave a lasting impression.

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Things to do in the city
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Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Reims
Musée des Beaux-Arts
Musée Saint Rémi
Le Planétarium
Musee de la Reddition
The Foujita Chapel
Palais du Tau
Fort de la Pompelle
Basilique St-Rémi
Villa Demoiselle
Musée-Hôtel le Vergeur
Circuit de Reims-Gueux
Continental Restaurant
Le Café du Palais
Anna-S La Table Amoureuse
Brasserie Excelsior