In the heart of the Languedoc-Roussillon region in South France, lies the picturesque little town of Pézenas. Located in the Hérault area, Pézenas is known for its rich artisanal and architectural heritage. Called the 'Ancient City of Fairs,' Pézenas was once home to the French playwright Molière, a man whose influence is still felt in the town.


How to Get There

Pézenas is linked to both Montpellier and Beziers through a well-maintained motorway.

Both Montpellier and Beziers also have airports. To reach Pézenas from Montpellier, you'll have to take the bus on line 604. The bus runs every hour. It takes one hour to reach Pézenas from Montpellier.

To reach Pézenas from Beziers, you have to ride either the line 603 or 656 bus. This bus line runs every half an hour. You can also rent a car or hire a taxi to reach Pézenas from either Montpellier or Beziers.

The nearest bus station in Pézenas is just outside the town, at the Pézenas - Gare Routière. You can walk this distance easily; it's only 260 meters.


History & Culture

The cobblestone streets are lined with colorful houses dating back to the Middle Ages. The streets are full of arts & crafts and vendors selling their wares. Pézenas is a cultural hotspot for artisanal handicrafts. Local inhabitants make sculptures, decorations, jewelry, fashion wear, clothes, pottery, and more.

The architecture of Pézenas is another standout feature of the town. Hotels particuliers are architectural marvels from the past that are still preserved, a unique and famous thing in France. 

The wrought iron grilles that grace many older buildings are other architectural delights you have to see. Pézenas was once a capital, under the control of the Estates General of Languedoc. In time, grand houses and majestic buildings started to dot the town.

Molière lived in Pézenas from 1674. His presence can still be felt in the town - there are memorials and historical tours dedicated just to Moliere.


The best time to visit Pézenas is during the summer months when the town is celebrating its history, as well as its impact on the cultural heritage of the region. Experience a celebration, and not just a vacation in the south of France. 



If you wanted to rent a place in France, then Pézenas will delight you. Here, you can rent a traditional farmhouse and villas with luxurious pools. As far as apartments in France go, the ones available for rent in Pézenas are uniquely comfortable and often come with rooftop terraces.


Getting Around

Walking around the city is the best way to get to know Pézenas. Cycling is another popular way to travel, especially if you want to visit any of the rural hamlets that lie in the countryside nearby.

Activities to Try

Pézenas is known for its many artisanal events and celebrations. You can try to schedule your visit to this tourist destination in France to match with the following events:

- The Molière festival is celebrated every June.
- Between July and August, you can visit the Molière wine cellars and taste the famous wines of Languedoc.
- The end of September to the end of October, there are many wine tours and tastings.
- Try a historical tour of the city, including following the trail of Molière.

Eat and Drink

The famous dishes to try in Pézenas include:

- Berlingots de Pézenas: Small candy, available in many flavors.
- Petits pâtes de Pézenas: Sweet and Savory mutton pie.
- Specialty wines from the region of Languedoc.

The architecture of Pézenas is another standout feature of the town. The hotels particuliers are architectural marvels from the past that are still preserved, a unique and famous thing in France.

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