Grand Tourmalet

The Grand Tourmalet is the largest ski resort in the Pyrénées. It's made up of two French villages - Barèges and La Mongie, which together give it more than 62 miles (100 km) of skiing grounds. One of the popular tourist destinations in France, whether you're a beginner or a thrill-seeker, you're welcome at the Grand Tourmalet.

How to Get There

To reach the Grand Tourmalet ski resort, you'll have to fly into a nearby town. The three nearest airports are

  • The Lourdes/Tarbes Airport
  • The Toulouse Airport
  • The Pau Airport
  • Bus service to the Grand Tourmalet is generally unavailable. But a direct shuttle service runs from the Lourdes and Tarbes airport to the Grand Tourmalet ski resort. For the other airports, you'll have to hire a taxi or rent a car to reach the resort.

Bus & train also available

The Grand Tourmalet experience can take you in one of two directions. The adjoining villages of Barèges and La Mongie that create the foundation for the resort are as different as night and day.

Barèges is a traditional village, one that has retained much of its ancient aesthetic and cultural heritage. La Mongie, on the other hand, is a burgeoning modern hub and full of comfort and athleisure.

When you visit Grand Tourmalet, you can enjoy either or both of the experiences. The Grand Tourmalet isn't just known for being the largest ski resort in the Pyrénées, but also for its 69 pistes.

There are various runs you can try in the resort. Beginners can choose from the many green runs, while people craving a more exciting experience can opt for a black or a red run.


The Grand Tourmalet is open between 9 AM and 4 PM every day during the season.

The season starts in early December and lasts till early April.


Getting Around

Walking, hiking, and most importantly, skiing is the best ways to get around the Grand Tourmalet. Enjoy breathtaking sights as you ski through the slopes.



Staying at the Grand Tourmalet can be different depending on whether you choose Barèges or La Mongie. For a traditional experience, opt for Barèges. For a more contemporary experience in this popular place in France, opt for La Mongie.

Activities to Try

Aside from skiing, you can also try out many of the other things to do in France's largest Pyrénéean ski resort.

You can visit the Col du Tourmalet in the town center. The nearby pass was made famous by the Tour de France and is a great location to take good pictures.


Eat and Drink

French cuisine is most accessible in the Grand Tourmalet. Enjoy some of the region's greatest delicacies at this ski resort.


The Grand Tourmalet isn't just known for being the largest ski resort in the Pyrénées, but also for its 69 pistes.

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