Often called the 21st arrondissement of Paris, Deauville has been the go-to destination for the upper crust of French society for decades. Today, it is a spectacular seaside resort town sporting grand promenades, glamorous casinos, a pair of thoroughbred horse race tracks, golf courses, the American Film Festival, and plenty of chic visitors.


Shops are generally open from Mon–Sun between 9am - 1pm and 3pm - 7pm. Some shops are closed on Tuesdays or Wednesday. Banking hours are Tue - Sat from 9am - noon and 2pm - 6pm.

The City

Deauville is a paradise for trend-watchers and lovers of the finer things in life, beaches, casinos, horse racing, and couture shopping. Its glamorous old world villas, manors, and hotels host many cultural events and festivals throughout the year, most notably a star-studded film festival in September that gives Cannes a run for its money. Deauville’s fashionable avenues and plazas, Place Morny among them, are veritable Meccas for boutique shopping. In the centre are the town’s legendary racetracks, used for equestrian races throughout the year.

Do & See

Summer is peak season for Deauville, but during the winter, life slows down and much of the action moves to neighbouring Trouville, a few minutes’ walk east. Here you will find a busy fishing port, lively Sunday market and quiet, winding streets full of sublime French charm.

Deauville is centred around the Promenade des Planches. This is a 643m-long wooden boardwalk that fronts the town’s main beach, lined with wooden cabins and a wealth of brightly coloured parasols.

The City Map

Things to do in the city
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