Situated on the southern coast of France, 10km from the Mediterranean, Montpellier is the third largest city in France, second largest in Occitanie. Being the capital of Herault department, Montpellier has a combination of so many things together. Rich in university level educations, this city attracts students from all across the France, giving it a diversified population and culture.

Montpellier is a diverse mix of old historical building and modern world class architecture. Transportation is easy on the tram that connects the length and breadth of this city.

On your visit to Montpellier, there are numerous locations you can’t go without seeing. One of them is the Promenade du Peyrou, the victory arch built in the 17th century. Extended to it is the statue of Louis XIV positioned on a horseback and water tower called the Chateau d’eau. Being one of the highest point of the regions, from here one could have a view of Mediterranean and its coastline.

Place de la Comédie is also one of the widely visited places. This central square is always filled with tourist and locals who come here to have a good walk or break from their work. This is one of the larges pedestrian areas designed in the shape of an egg and therefore it is also known as l'Oeuf.

With over a thousand years of history this medieval city fills you appetite for culture and Michelin star restaurants. Be sure to visit wine estates such as Château de Flaugergues and the Château de l'Engarran.

One of the best thing about Montpellier is that no matter which part of the year you are heading this place, you will surely find a festival or an event. From marathons to tennis open championships, from music concert to wine festivals; this place gives you the opportunity to find the best deals.

Montpellier is no doubt a charming city of France.