Minerve-Minervois, known as one of the most beautiful village of France, is situated in the Herault department in the Occitanie region. Geographically, this town is situated on top of the rocky ravine beneath to which flows the famous rivers of Brian and Cesse. These rivers, this village not only holds a strong guarded position for itself but it also provides a spectacular view of the outskirts from the top.

Known for its natural bridges, Minerve-Minervois is a place where Rivers Brian and Cesse runs underground into the tunnels carved by its flow, which also valleys of limestone caves where tourist can easily walk and play. It’s an amazing place to visit.

The stone blocked homes, long stretched pebbled streets, lush green gardens, olives and chestnut orchards and vineyards are some of the sites where you get an authentic feel of France. In the summer, there are events of the surrounding areas towards the end of the harvest period. During this time of the year you can have fun by going on long walks under the moonlight or climb the cliff for adventure.

In the time gone by, this village was known as the capital of the Minervois wine region because it has been believed that the Romans were the ones who planted the first vines here and since then this place has been observed as the splendid producer of finest fruity wine.

Apart from all this you can also see the monuments such as Saint-Etienne church which was built in 11 century. Also Dove stele is a must visit site which symbolises peace. This monument was built in the remembrances of Cather Martyrs who lost their lives in the massacre of 1210 by the crusaders of Simon de Montfort. Museum of Minerva, is a good place to learn about the archaeology and palaeontology of this region.

Your visit to this tiny village will definitely get you closer to the roots of France. Do not miss an opportunity to visit Minerve-Minervois and be mesmerised by the beauty of one of the most beautiful village of France.