Cahors, is one of the smallest villages in Lot department of Occitanie region in the South of France and is known for its magnificent art and glorious history. Based on a peninsula surrounded by the longest river of southwest France, ‘Lot’, enhances the beauty of this little township by its flow.

Enclosed by parched limestone hills, this historic town truly carry forward its legacy and splendid monumental diversity and therefore got ‘labelled as French towns of Art and History’. The famous Valentre Bridge is one such example which attracts huge numbers of visitors every year. Given the title of World Heritage Site by UNESCO, this bridge is also the most photographed monument in the world. A master piece of the 14th century, this bridge is structured with arches, cutwaters and has three towers adding its beauty.

Your visit to Cahors remains incomplete without visiting Saint-Etienne cathedral. Built in Roman era around 1493 and 1553, this work of art is an icon representing a symbol of identity of Cahors. Sculptures, high domes, Romanesque portal and architecture, studded ornaments, cloister, contemporary designs and windows not just get the attention of people coming from different part of the world but its unique work of art has given this monument a place in the UNESCO list of World Heritage sites. Apart from this, to enjoy your leisure time, Olivier de Magny, the Secret Gardens and Boulevard Gambetta, which divides old Cahors from the new Cahors, rejuvenates visitors from its lush green trees and flowers. The market and stalls located in between the narrow lanes are often filled with a variety of local dishes and craft for tourists to relish.

Coming to this wine-producing region of Occitanie, Cahors is a place where you get to taste its most famous red wine. The vineyards here are spread in hectares which utilise the variety of locally grown grapes and specially the famous Malbec to produce wine. Visiting refineries in these estates will not only give you the sense of how the wines are made but here you would also have time to taste some of the finest world class red wines.

Cahors is also known for its vibrant culture. Every year around the days of French holidays in July, “Lot of Saveurs” or Cahors Blues Festivals is organised. This event is full of enthusiasm and allows music lovers across the Europe to perform. It is this time of the year the streets of Cahors are embellished with music, songs, food and cultural.

So, to understand and enjoy France and specially the region of Occitanie more closely, you must add Cahors in your itinerary to make the most of your visit to this land of surprises.