If you are adventurous, then Béziers is a destination that deserves to be on your bucket list. Located in the Occitanie region in the South of France, Béziers is one of the best destinations to visit. Being one of the most ancient towns in Europe, Béziers is the little gem which has just about everything.

From adventure to peace, from ancient glimpse to modern luxury, Béziers gives you the exact feel one could ever ask for in a small town. Bordered on three sides by Orb River and a canal, the attraction of this place lies in its winding lanes, museums with preserved history, untamed mountain region, momentous stone villages, cascading mountain streams and cathedrals hovering high above to showcasing the art and culture of Béziers.

The highlight of this town which attracts millions of tourists every year is the wine and Feria de Béziers. In mid-August, Béziers becomes alive because of this local festival of Bullfight inspired by Spanish Corrida. In this four-day affair, one could actually witness the combinations of wine and bullfight with live music, dance and human marionettes in most amazing costumes. The colorfully packed streets at this time of the year give you the atmosphere of best holidays ever with fun, food, and music and wine.

Along with its vibrant culture, in Béziers you get a chance to acknowledge its heritage. Characterized by medieval Romanesque architecture, Cathedrale Saint-Nazaire de Béziers is a piece of art and technique. Situated on a steep hilltop, this remarkable 13th century cathedral is worth to ascend. Here you can spot the breath-taking centuries-old stained-glass windows, impressive old pipe organ, gorgeous old structures framed by an equally beautiful setting, picturesque gardens, and a splendid view from the hilltop of French countryside.

The list doesn’t end here. At Béziers, you visit see one of the town’s best museums called Musée des Beaux Arts; here you can find paintings and sculptures of renowned artists from 15th century. Roquebrun, a village in the Orb valley, about 20km north of Béziers, is a place where you can observe nature at its best. A good place to swim and clings to the cliff, this a place where you can taste and see how wines are made. You can find several outlets to experience and understand the best wines of the world.

Just a short drive outside the heart of Béziers, the Abbaye de Fontcaude is an important historical monument of France and a great place to spend a leisurely afternoon. Apart from this, your trip remains incomplete if you don’t take your time out to see the masterpiece of French revolution, Canal du Midi. Built to the west of Béziers in 1667 to 1681, this Royal Canal was declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1996. This canal joins Sète on the Mediterranean with Toulouse and ultimately the Atlantic via the Garonne River, runs through a series of lovely old villages. This place is a major engineering achievement of its time leading to a most romantic place to walk or do boating today.

With the perfect connectivity through airport and hassle free transport facility linking to the rest of France, Béziers is a must visit place. So, if you are looking for a rest amidst nature, reviving you among ancient and modern, then Béziers is the place which will soothe you and will make your dreams come true.