On the banks of River Herault, lies a beautiful town of France called Agde. Belonging to the department of Herault, this is one of the most prominent towns of Occitanie region. Considered one of the oldest places in France. Agde shares its root of establishment with Beziers. Discovered on the beds of the Hérault, Agde is just 2 miles away from the Mediterranean Sea and the connection between the both lies Canal du Midi. Agde, is best known for its historic culture and holiday resorts. It is a hotbed tourism destination. There is a blend of many things to discover visiting this town. From watersports to naturism, from artifacts to naturalist, Agde has it all.

The best thing to admire here is Plage de la Grande Conque horseshoe shaped beach.

Musée de l’Éphèbe is another great to place to visit in Agde. This archaeological museum is partially underwater which makes it unique. The museum has three galleries named as modern, bronze and antique gallery. These different galleries showcase the remains of a different era and specially the bronze statue supposedly of Alexander the Great. Agde Cathedral is the next best thing to see here. Made of basalt, this historic cathedral is a masterpiece of the 12th century. Dedicated to Saint Stephen this work of art has thick walls which once served as a fortress. Canal du Midi is another work of genius built in the 17th century. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this canal befits a true heritage to this wonderful town in the South of France. If you are a boating enthusiast, rent a boat to do your own sightseeing of history and culture from the waters of

For children and adults to observe the marine line in a closer way, Aquarium Marin is a place to visit for sure. Here you will see aquatic life ranging from jellyfish, octopus, and a great variety of other creatures.